IronKey Enterprise the solution for hospital security

IronKey Enterprise is the solution for Norfolk and the Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to protect and secure its confidential patient records.  Hospital employees including consultants, medical staff and information analysts can ensure that they can securely transport and use the confidential data while being in accordance with the UK legislation governing the use of data (UK Data Protection Act) and the Department of Health’s Toolkit.

The Department of Health had taken measures in the Toolkit to safeguard data going missing in the public sector, and the use of the IronKey Enterprise solution means that the Toolkit is being followed by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

IronKey Enterprise was chosen above others for its ability to be tracked if the device was lost or stolen, and the ability of the administrator of the IronKey’s to wipe the data remotely if the devices could not be retrieved.  Additional features such as the password strength and password retry limits, as well as the on-board portable applications make management of the IronKeys very user friendly.

Colin Woodland, VP EMEA IronKey says “The Information Commissioners Office recent fines of organisations for data loss has simply highlighted the intense scrutiny that IT departments are under to find a way of protecting data. However, it’s refreshing to work with an organisation like the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who’ve rightly placed the security of patient data above everything else.”

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