Apricorn Aegis Padlock Pro SSD – Review

The Apricorn Aegis Padlock Pro SSD offers amazing security options and an easy to use keypad for password administration. It is designed to protect the device against loss or theft of data. The aim of Apricorn Aegis Padlock is to make accessibility to the drive more convenient by just using your PIN number.

Hackers have raised the threat of stolen data when the data is saved on PC or laptop, so for this reason USB storage is safer as it is portable, and it is really hard access it illegally. The security features of Aegis Padlock make the hackers’ mission of stealing your data much more dificult. The Apricorn uses FIPS standards for security. The Aegis Padlock provides two options of hardware encryption for your data, either AES-128 or 256-bit.

Finally, the security feature of Brute Force Self Destruction makes it even harder for the hacker to exploit the drive. The Aegis Padlock automatically destructs itself after a set number of failed PIN attempts, when this occurs the device will lock itself, destroy all the encryption, and reset everything with a new encryption. Overall, It is great equipment that can keep your data safe and protects you from hackers.

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