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Companies reluctant to post newsworthy security announcements

A report over at foxbusiness.com explores the worrying trend that companies are becoming reluctant to let customers know about vulnerabilities in their security systems. Fears hackers will exploit these flaws being the main reason for this. “Definitely, there is more a sense of keeping things closer to the vest,” says Dave Jevans, Founder of IronKey […]

Merger of Zeus and SpyEye viruses

SC Magazine reports new concerns that the well known virus Zeus could be merging with SpyEye, “a new fresh and sophisticated web-based bot”, as described my novirusthanks.org earlier this year. The senior product manager at IronKey thinks that the Zeus virus is retirintg and that SpyEye will then become the dominant virus.  He also believe […]

USA inspired by Aussie cybersecurity protocols

Newsfactor.com reports that the proposed Australian cybersecurity solution in which internet service providers would alert customers if their computers are infected, and access be limited until the problem is fixed, is being reviewed by the U.S government. The Obama administration is keen to implement the Australian protocols, but are wary of privacy and civil liberty […]