Ironkey ABC’s – what is the difference between Basic, Personal and Enterprise versions in a nutshell?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, what is the difference between the different versions in a nutshell?

Basic – This is simply a secure storage device. No extra features and everything “locked down” means higher security.

Personal – Allows you to browse the internet using Firefox via the Ironkey. Browse on your own computer, autosave all your login passwords, then take your Ironkey to an internet cafe without issues about your logins being tracked as you essentially type nothing to log into websites. And the information is stored securely rather than on an internet cafe computer. But don’t let the name fool you – the biggest consumer of “Ironkey Personal” are businesses. This can be used for business and/or personal use, it is not only for personal users. We find customers buy the Personal device when the Enterprise doesn’t suit their needs.

Enterprise – This one is really ideal if you want to manage use of Ironkey’s for 5 or more staff. The Enterprise has the similar features as the Personal, but it’s managed centrally by your IT administrator. Access can be limited, or cut off remotely to each staff’s device, as well as the ubiquitous Ironkey “self destruct” mechanism! A minimum of two devices need to be purchased, with the first one acting as a key for the “IT administrator”, and the second one acting as “Employee #1”. An annual licence fee applies for the Enterprise model on a per device basis, which gives you access to remote management tools for each device.