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IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool Enables Enterprise-Wide Adoption of Windows to Go

Imation recently announced the IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool, which speeds up and simplifies provisioning of Windows 8.1 desktops using Microsoft’s Windows To Go on IronKey Workspace USB drives. The tool can provision up to 42 IronKey Workspace drives in approximately an hour. With the IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool, IT pros can confidently and rapidly arm […]

USB keys analysed

Sophos, a computer security company, recently acquired 50 misplaced USB keys from RailCorp, who sold the keys in a lost property auction. Sophos analysed the keys and found that two thirds of the keys were infected with some form of malware. Sophos found there were CVs, jobs applications, tax return information, photo albums, work projects, […]