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IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool Enables Enterprise-Wide Adoption of Windows to Go

Imation recently announced the IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool, which speeds up and simplifies provisioning of Windows 8.1 desktops using Microsoft’s Windows To Go on IronKey Workspace USB drives. The tool can provision up to 42 IronKey Workspace drives in approximately an hour. With the IronKey Workspace Provisioning Tool, IT pros can confidently and rapidly arm […]

Olympics give cybercriminals new targets

London may be looking forward to the 2012 Olympics, but so are cybercriminals.  Businesses in the UK are looking forward to the increased trade and tourism opportunities, but with many transactions going back and forth, this poses new opportunities for cybercrime, reports SC Magazine UK. Increasingly on the rise is the takeover of customer bank […]

New Data Security Contract for IronKey

IronKey has scored a new security manufacturing systems contract with Orbotech, a designer and manufacturer for the electronics industry. IronKey was chosen becuase of its abilty to deliver a system capable of securing its high value company and customer data.  “…IronKey stood out for us on a number of key criteria” states Argoetti Itai, the […]