IronKey for the legal profession

Lawyers and barristers are the new growth market for the IronKey Personal devices.  Customer feedback and enquiries from the legal field have shown us why this device meets the needs and expectations of the profession:

  • Large storage capacity – clients’ files can be large and cumbersome.  With the latest court Practice Notes on electronic discovery, lawyers increasingly find themselves the recipients of large volumes of electronic data which cannot be stored on average USB flash drives.
  • Avoidance of data breach – confidential information needs to be protected, and once it is in the hands of a legal professional, the responsibility becomes theirs.  IronKey uses data protection chips and active malware defences to protect the IronKey drives and computers on which they are being used, from becoming the prey of data breaches or computer viruses.
  • Protection against hackers – the data protection chips prevent even sophisticated hackers from following the user’s movements, and allows the user to securely store longer and more complex passwords within the device.

Confidentiality of information and ease of use are two of the IronKey’s main features, which aid the legal profession with giving their clients the best service possible.