Ironkey Personal S250 and D250 Flash Drives – review

When you are feeling that you want to work mobile, you will definitely want to have all your personal information to be mobile too. With the IronKey personal D250 and S250 you can have eveyrthing in between your hands while not having to worry about anything.

Imation Personal Flash drives can store all your sensitive data, passcodes and online data forms, all in a one easy to navigate USB flash drive. Everything is encrytped with a military grade, always on hardware encryption. You can use for secure private web browsing and password management to give you a secure platform for accessing your personalised data or applications from anywhere and at any time.

The IronKey drive is a self-defending, it protects itself from the spread of worms, crimeware and other malicious code.  Also, the device can easily be set to self destruction mode, it can destruct itself  after a predetermined number of failed attempts.  It automatically destroys all the encrypted data, and goes into a reset mode. This way it reduces the risk of data loss and hacking attempts.

For more information about this product, visit our IronKey Personal section on our website. We provide full product descritption and variety of capacity options to choose from.

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