DataLocker DL3 hard drive – Product Review

The DataLocker DL3 has made a new standard in portable data protection. The DataLocker DL3 hard drive is ideal for people who require portability and convenience while enjoying advanced security features. The DL3 is very easy to deploy, It requires no software at all. It is software and operating system independent. You simply just need to connect with your super fast USB 3.0,  then you will need to authenticate with password and access the drive.

The DataLocker  DL3 Portable hard drive serves many types of clients daily such as government agencies, military personnel, educational institutions, companies, organisations and individuals like you. The DL3 has a variety of use cases, some of these use cases are definitely the ones we normally enjoy doing such as sotring personal data, videos, images and distributing sensitive data among other members, employees or friends working in groups.

More use case would be the fact that you can possibly create an operating system environment on the portable hard drive. First you need to install virtual drive software on the DataLocker hard drive, something like VMWare would be probably be a good tool. This is a very important feature everyone should be made aware of as passwords and encryption keys are not protected by law.


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