USA increases focus on cybersecurity

Washington DC predicts that a multi-million dollar boost for cybersecurity is on the horizon.

Dawn Meyerriecks, deputy director of national intelligence for acquisition and technology, states that “I think we need to be really innovative, because I think we’re going to run out of runway on our current approach”.

The three key themes of the US cybersecurity research agenda are:

  • tailored trustworthy spaces¬† – specific security levels depending on the organisation;
  • moving targets – security systems which need to constantly evolve and develop to increase uncertainty for hackers; and
  • economic incentives¬† – motivations to use cybersecurity defences and utilise security pop-ups.

While there are several products on the market, Dawn Meyerriecks acknowledges that a ‘Band Aid’ solution is not desirable for this situation, as the cybersecurity field is so diverse.

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