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IronKey reviewed by Dr. Tech

IronKey storage devices received high praise from Dr. Tech’s Jacques Redmond, an I.T. Security Professional, Technology Analyst, Consultant and Tech Writer. While Redmond said he’s no fan of storing information on a flash drive, he gave IronKey drives and storage devices a thumbs-up for their physical durability and digital security. To read Redmond’s IronKey product […]

IronKey to be featured at Gitex

IronKey will be featured at Gitex Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Centre Oct. 20-24. The ultra secure external hard drives and thumb drives will be part of StarLink’s security portfolio. Aside from IronKey by Imation, StarLink and its other key vendor partners, Dell Software Group, SafeNet, RedSeal Networks, Titus, SecureLink, Bit9, Boole Server, Core Security, […]

Which IronKey hard drive is best for me?

When it comes to securing your data, you shouldn’t compromise on quality or security. IronKey external hard drives have been proven to be the most secure external storage devices on the market, featuring AES 256-bit hardware encryption and being the first external hard drives to be FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated. But there are a few […]

Tennis Australia’s pre-emptive cyber strike

While we’re keeping an eye on the results at the tennis in Melbourne via the website there is a team of IT security experts monitoring our usage. They’re doing this to prevent cyber attacks by keeping an eye out for any overly large volumes of traffic being transferred. You can read more over at […]

Northern Lights Turns on ‘Trusted Access’

Northern Lights Federal Credit Union has officially turned on Ironkey Trusted Access for Banking. Trusted Access for Banking, uses Ironkey devices housing a secure, virtual operating system and Web browser in a read-only format. The device is used to block attacks on users computers before any damage is done. You can read more over at […]

Companies reluctant to post newsworthy security announcements

A report over at explores the worrying trend that companies are becoming reluctant to let customers know about vulnerabilities in their security systems. Fears hackers will exploit these flaws being the main reason for this. “Definitely, there is more a sense of keeping things closer to the vest,” says Dave Jevans, Founder of IronKey […]

IronKey meets with Middle Eastern banks to discuss online banking fraud

IronKey will meet with Middle Eastern banks at the FT Summit in Abu Dhabi to discuss cyber-crime. The aim is to help banks put in systems that will protect their clients and prevent online banking fraud. Jeremy Freeman, director financial services at IronKey has said, “While banks in the West have long been attacked by […]

Uncovering Browser Vulnerabilities

Browser security experts are pleased with the built in security of most modern browsers. Dave Jevans, founder and chairman of IronKey says “It is hard to say one browser is more secure than the others,” “There have been a lot of improvements in browser security; they are quite good.” While Internet Explorer still has the […]