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IronKey Dramatically Reduces Online Banking Risk With Next Generation Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention

IronKey today announced a new multi-layer fraud prevention online security system for banks. “The IronKey Trusted Access Platform changes the focus from single-point security controls to an integrated, multi-layer approach that strengthens online security for banks and their customers.” You can read the full press release over at marketwatch.com

IronKey meets with Middle Eastern banks to discuss online banking fraud

IronKey will meet with Middle Eastern banks at the FT Summit in Abu Dhabi to discuss cyber-crime. The aim is to help banks put in systems that will protect their clients and prevent online banking fraud. Jeremy Freeman, director financial services at IronKey has said, “While banks in the West have long been attacked by […]

Rundown of IronKey’s features from the CEO of IronKey

Dave Jevans, CEO of IronKey outlines the key feature of the IronKey system: The base business is hardware encrypted storage with data protection.  The IronKey can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need to install software.  The IronKey Enterprise is managed remotely, allowing for admins to enforce password strength or issue commands […]