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IronKey Dramatically Reduces Online Banking Risk With Next Generation Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention

IronKey today announced a new multi-layer fraud prevention online security system for banks. “The IronKey Trusted Access Platform changes the focus from single-point security controls to an integrated, multi-layer approach that strengthens online security for banks and their customers.” You can read the full press release over at

Northern Lights Turns on ‘Trusted Access’

Northern Lights Federal Credit Union has officially turned on Ironkey Trusted Access for Banking. Trusted Access for Banking, uses Ironkey devices housing a secure, virtual operating system and Web browser in a read-only format. The device is used to block attacks on users computers before any damage is done. You can read more over at […]

IronKey meets with Middle Eastern banks to discuss online banking fraud

IronKey will meet with Middle Eastern banks at the FT Summit in Abu Dhabi to discuss cyber-crime. The aim is to help banks put in systems that will protect their clients and prevent online banking fraud. Jeremy Freeman, director financial services at IronKey has said, “While banks in the West have long been attacked by […]

County Bank offers cyber security tool

Fairfield County Bank has announced it has partnered with IronKey to privide clients with free USB devices to protect them against cyber crime. “IronKey is another line of protection,” says Christina Bodine, assistant vice president & cash management officer at the bank. “It creates an isolated virtual computer with an encrypted keyboard. It’s about 10 […]

IronKey Channel Partner Programme

In response to the fact that financial transactions are a continued focus for hackers (a Ponemon Institute survey found that seventy-five percent of businesses experienced account takeover and fraud in the online channel), IronKey is pairing up with Channel Partners to promote the IronKey’s sales and technical abilities. Partners IronKey are targeting include systems integrators, […]

What should banks be doing in 2011 to combat fraud?

Dave Jevans, IronKey chairman, gives an insightful 15 minute interview into the new twists and turns of fraudulent activity that banks will have to combat in 2011. Jevans advises “We’re coming back to the stage, with customized software, where we have to take a little more responsibility for our end-user’s environment,” “Institutions need something that […]