Olympics give cybercriminals new targets

London may be looking forward to the 2012 Olympics, but so are cybercriminals.  Businesses in the UK are looking forward to the increased trade and tourism opportunities, but with many transactions going back and forth, this poses new opportunities for cybercrime, reports SC Magazine UK.

Increasingly on the rise is the takeover of customer bank accounts, and use of online banking malware such as the ever-changing Zeus virus.

The article says that the only government authority which has issued clear advice is the US Electronics Payment Association, which works hand in hand with the FBI.  the US Electronics Payment Association has recommended that businesses keep separate computers which do not allow web browsing or email, and are used only for banking, whilst running anti-virus software with automatic software updates.

A solution? Virtualisation technology, such as the IronKey desktop virtualisation technology, allows users a managed secure portable device which can be plugged into a home or work computer.  Since the workspace is isolated from the PC hardware, this provides a high-security working environment for individuals and businesses alike.