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What should banks be doing in 2011 to combat fraud?

Dave Jevans, IronKey chairman, gives an insightful 15 minute interview into the new twists and turns of fraudulent activity that banks will have to combat in 2011. Jevans advises “We’re coming back to the stage, with customized software, where we have to take a little more responsibility for our end-user’s environment,” “Institutions need something that […]

Predicted security threats in 2011

Websense Inc (a US security tech vendor) makes its security threat predictions for 2011, as the world grows more digitally aware, so does the opportunity for cybercrime. One of the predictions is that ‘blended threats‘ are the next point of worry.  Blended threats use a range of forms such as email, the Internet, digital information […]

Olympics give cybercriminals new targets

London may be looking forward to the 2012 Olympics, but so are cybercriminals.  Businesses in the UK are looking forward to the increased trade and tourism opportunities, but with many transactions going back and forth, this poses new opportunities for cybercrime, reports SC Magazine UK. Increasingly on the rise is the takeover of customer bank […]

USA inspired by Aussie cybersecurity protocols

Newsfactor.com reports that the proposed Australian cybersecurity solution in which internet service providers would alert customers if their computers are infected, and access be limited until the problem is fixed, is being reviewed by the U.S government. The Obama administration is keen to implement the Australian protocols, but are wary of privacy and civil liberty […]

UK businesses the target for cybercrime

Businesses, rather than consumers, are the new target for cybercriminals in the United Kingdom.  While banks have concentrated on providing security for consumer banking, business banking systems (particularly banking systems which transfer large sums of money) have become an increasing target. Dave Jevans, CEO of Ironkey, in a recent Compterworld article is of the opinion […]

Rundown of IronKey’s features from the CEO of IronKey

Dave Jevans, CEO of IronKey outlines the key feature of the IronKey system: The base business is hardware encrypted storage with data protection.  The IronKey can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need to install software.  The IronKey Enterprise is managed remotely, allowing for admins to enforce password strength or issue commands […]

Businesses need awareness of cyber crime

Attorney-General Robert McClelland states that global cybercrime is on the rise.  The Labour government is trying to educate Australians in the ways of prevention, and has put spending into national defences against cyber warfare. Mr McClelland is concerned that any major unwinding of consumer confidence will have a negative impact on international competitiveness. One such […]