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USA inspired by Aussie cybersecurity protocols reports that the proposed Australian cybersecurity solution in which internet service providers would alert customers if their computers are infected, and access be limited until the problem is fixed, is being reviewed by the U.S government. The Obama administration is keen to implement the Australian protocols, but are wary of privacy and civil liberty […]

IronKey expansion within UK government

Computer Weekly reported on 15 September 2010 that the IronKey is ongoing certification for use by the UK government, specifically for use by CESG, a branch of the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. The IronKey Enterprise S200 USB drives and management software will allow government departments to include USB media in their business plans, […]

Data security in an increasingly mobile world

It has been predicted that the global mobile workforce will become 1.3 billion people by 2013, with an estimated 1 billion people already mobile.  Security breaches, theft of information (whether accidental or as a result of fraud) and intellectual property are among the concerns faced by businesses. Technology is already in place to allay these […]

New Data Security Contract for IronKey

IronKey has scored a new security manufacturing systems contract with Orbotech, a designer and manufacturer for the electronics industry. IronKey was chosen becuase of its abilty to deliver a system capable of securing its high value company and customer data.  “…IronKey stood out for us on a number of key criteria” states Argoetti Itai, the […]

IronKey a strategic part of response to Gulf of Mexico disaster

The response to  the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is underway, with involvement between key strategic clean-up response units such as Special Projects and Decon Branch, in charge of decontaminating all boats which enter the disaster zone. Captain John Sholey, Manager of Tech Services for Johnson County Fire District 2 in Kansas, manages the units, […]

IronKey Personal winner of Best Consumer Product 2010

IronKey Personal was one of the winners of the Best Consumer Product/Service Award at the Golden Bridge Business American Awards 2010. The Golden Bridge Awards are an annual recognition of excellence in business, honouring companies, businesses and individuals for corporate accomplishments, and are part of worldwide programs including Hot Companies and Technologies, Global Product Excellence […]

Security breach leads to major information leak

Customers’ sensitive personal medical information and credit card details were accidentally leaked by WellPoint, one of the largest commercial health insurers in the USA. The security breach occurred when an outside vendor upgraded an application tracker on WellPoint’s website.  Once the upgrade was complete, WellPoint customers found that they could accidentally access other customer’s personal […]

USA increases focus on cybersecurity

Washington DC predicts that a multi-million dollar boost for cybersecurity is on the horizon. Dawn Meyerriecks, deputy director of national intelligence for acquisition and technology, states that “I think we need to be really innovative, because I think we’re going to run out of runway on our current approach”. The three key themes of the […]