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New Data Security Contract for IronKey

IronKey has scored a new security manufacturing systems contract with Orbotech, a designer and manufacturer for the electronics industry. IronKey was chosen becuase of its abilty to deliver a system capable of securing its high value company and customer data.  “…IronKey stood out for us on a number of key criteria” states Argoetti Itai, the […]

UK businesses the target for cybercrime

Businesses, rather than consumers, are the new target for cybercriminals in the United Kingdom.  While banks have concentrated on providing security for consumer banking, business banking systems (particularly banking systems which transfer large sums of money) have become an increasing target. Dave Jevans, CEO of Ironkey, in a recent Compterworld article is of the opinion […]

IronKey a strategic part of response to Gulf of Mexico disaster

The response to  the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is underway, with involvement between key strategic clean-up response units such as Special Projects and Decon Branch, in charge of decontaminating all boats which enter the disaster zone. Captain John Sholey, Manager of Tech Services for Johnson County Fire District 2 in Kansas, manages the units, […]

IronKey Personal winner of Best Consumer Product 2010

IronKey Personal was one of the winners of the Best Consumer Product/Service Award at the Golden Bridge Business American Awards 2010. The Golden Bridge Awards are an annual recognition of excellence in business, honouring companies, businesses and individuals for corporate accomplishments, and are part of worldwide programs including Hot Companies and Technologies, Global Product Excellence […]

Is your business suffering from ‘security paralysis’?

CDW LCC (a technology firm) voices its concerns over the fact that many businesses are suffering from “security paralysis”, meaning that they have little resources to devote to cybersecurity, or are simply ignoring security issues until they become problematic. A five-step process is recommended, with all relevant departments within an organisation being suitably represented: 1) […]