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IronKey Presents Next Generation Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention at GITEX 2011

IronKey has announced it will be showing the latest version of its online banking security solution at GITEX Technology Week. “Online banking fraud isn’t restricted by borders, and the organised cyber-gangs that have been successfully stealing large sums from the Western banks are now turning their attention to banks and their clients in the Middle […]

ABS teams up with IronKey to help banks reduce online banking risk

Advanced Bank Solutions (ABS) has officially turned on the Ironkey Trusted Access platform. Trusted Access “keeps fraudsters out of online accounts unlike one-time passcode tokens and other controls that fail to stop criminal attacks on bank customers’ computers.” You can read more at the Online Banking Business Review website.

IronKey Channel Partner Programme

In response to the fact that financial transactions are a continued focus for hackers (a Ponemon Institute survey found that seventy-five percent of businesses experienced account takeover and fraud in the online channel), IronKey is pairing up with Channel Partners to promote the IronKey’s sales and technical abilities. Partners IronKey are targeting include systems integrators, […]

UK businesses the target for cybercrime

Businesses, rather than consumers, are the new target for cybercriminals in the United Kingdom.  While banks have concentrated on providing security for consumer banking, business banking systems (particularly banking systems which transfer large sums of money) have become an increasing target. Dave Jevans, CEO of Ironkey, in a recent Compterworld article is of the opinion […]

Rundown of IronKey’s features from the CEO of IronKey

Dave Jevans, CEO of IronKey outlines the key feature of the IronKey system: The base business is hardware encrypted storage with data protection.  The IronKey can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need to install software.  The IronKey Enterprise is managed remotely, allowing for admins to enforce password strength or issue commands […]