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Key Features of IronKey Trusted Access for Banking

*Information derived from the latest MarketWire Press Release. TRUSTED ACCESS PROVIDES SECURITY AGAINST THE FOLLOWING ATTACKS DNS tampering: Provides authoritative DNS lookups that are not dependent on local network or ISP settings and are delivered through an encrypted tunnel Phoney websites: Prevents loading of unauthorized content and websites using automatic whitelist protection Network monitoring: Encrypts […]

What should banks be doing in 2011 to combat fraud?

Dave Jevans, IronKey chairman, gives an insightful 15 minute interview into the new twists and turns of fraudulent activity that banks will have to combat in 2011. Jevans advises “We’re coming back to the stage, with customized software, where we have to take a little more responsibility for our end-user’s environment,” “Institutions need something that […]

Merger of Zeus and SpyEye viruses

SC Magazine reports new concerns that the well known virus Zeus could be merging with SpyEye, “a new fresh and sophisticated web-based bot”, as described my novirusthanks.org earlier this year. The senior product manager at IronKey thinks that the Zeus virus is retirintg and that SpyEye will then become the dominant virus.  He also believe […]

UK businesses the target for cybercrime

Businesses, rather than consumers, are the new target for cybercriminals in the United Kingdom.  While banks have concentrated on providing security for consumer banking, business banking systems (particularly banking systems which transfer large sums of money) have become an increasing target. Dave Jevans, CEO of Ironkey, in a recent Compterworld article is of the opinion […]